Denim. Indigo dyed jeans fabric.

Trademark owner:
Akkumas Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon Sanayi Ticaret A.S.
Fatih Caddesi, Akcay Sokak No: 4, Halkali Kucukcekmece, 34303 Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: (+90) 212-637-23-39, Fax: 212-637-23-47

Akkumas Tekstil Isletmeleri A.S.
Karma Organize Sanayi Bolgesi No: 179, Parsel (plot) 1-22, 64200 Usak, Turkey
Tel: (+90) 276-234-00-31, Fax: 276-234-00-33
E-mail: akkumas@akkumas.com.tr

Anonim Sirketi, A.S. - Joint stock company

As of November 5, 2010
Arvind Mills

Cotton fabrics. The weight per unit area ranges from 6 to 15.25 ounces per square yard.
Pure cotton and cotton based blends with Lycra, Polyester, Tencel, Bamboo, Jute or Linen.

Arvind Mills Ltd
Naroda Road, 380025 Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India
Tel: (+91) 79-222-03030, Fax: 79-222-01270, 79-222-01608
E-mail: feedback@arvind.com

Managing director - Mr. Sanjay Lalbhai

Denim Division - Naroda Road, 380025 Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India
Fax: (+91) 79-222-00267
Contact Person:
Aamir Akhtar, aamir.Akhtar@arvindmills.com

The Company is listed on the National Stock Exchange of India
The ISIN code - INE034A01011
The ticker - ARVINDMILL

Arvind Mills Ltd sells denim in India, to its own brands
- Flying Machine, Newport, Ruf & Tuf,
- the brands Lee, Wrangler licensed from VF Corporation,
- the licensed brand Tommy Hilfiger,
- the brands Levi's and Numero Uno.
The Company sells denim abroad, to VF Corporation and Lee Cooper.

As of March 31, 2006 Arvind Mills Ltd was the largest denim manufacturer in India.

As of March 22, 2008

Manufacturer of jeans fabric

Atlas Tekstil Pazarlama Ltd Sti
Adnan Menderes Bulvari, Cayir Meydani Caddesi No: 133/3
Aksaray Fatih, 34270 Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: (+90) 212-523-06-74,-75,-76, Fax: 212-521-15-05
Contact Person:
O. Demet Akdogan, demet@sirkecitekstil.com

Limited Sirketi, Ltd Sti - Limited liability company

As of July 25, 2008

Elastic jeans fabric, 13 or 14 ounces per square yard

Trademark owner:
Berto E. G. Industria Tessile Spa
Via Giuseppe Mazzini 11, 35024 Bovolenta, Province of Padua, Italy
Tel: (+39) 0499599711, Fax: 0499599700,-701,-702
E-mail: info@berto.it
VAT registration number - IT 00212920284

Societa per azioni, Spa - Joint stock company

Sales representation in Poland:
Dagami Trading - Mariusz Jurkowski
ul. Narutowicza 7/9, 90-117 Lodz, Poland
Tel: (+48) 42-633-36-61, Fax: 42-632-74-77
E-mail: dagami@dagami.lodz.pl
VAT registration number - PL 7251397659
The number REGON - 472966375

As of March 14, 2009
Denim International

Jeans fabric. Available variants:
- Open-end/open-end, both warp and weft are made of open-end yarn.
- Ring/open-end, warp is made of ring-spun yarn. Weft is made of open-end yarn.
- Ring/ring, both warp and weft are made of ring-spun yarn.
The weaving section comprises sixty-six Tsudakoma Air-Jet Looms
Indigo denim made of indigo dyed yarn for the warp and natural, undyed yarn for weft.

Coloured denim woven from:
- Dyed yarn woven as both warp and weft (deep blue, deep black).
- Warp yarn treated with sulphur dye before indigo dyeing (Sulphur bottoming).
- Warp yarn treated with sulphur dye after indigo dyeing (Sulphur topping).

Pure cotton or stretch - jeans fabric, the yarn with elastic fiber as weft.

Denim International
Plot No. 48, Sector 28, Korangi Industrial Area, 74900 Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: (+92) 21-5046045, 21-5041339, 21-5041376, Fax: 21-5046044
E-mail: di@denim-international.com
Contact Person:
Raza I. Agha, +92 0300-8218632, raza@denim-international.com

As of August 29, 2008
Hebei Xindadong

Denim manufacturer.
Pure cotton. Terylene-cotton (TC). Spandex denim.
Slub denim - intentional pattern of lumps in the yarn structure.

Hebei Xindadong Textiles Printing & Deying Co. Ltd
No. 1 Shifang Road, 050061 Shijiazhuang, Province of Hebei, China
Tel: (+86) 311-86818264, Fax: 311-86824396
Contact Person:
Peck Meng
Tel: (+86) 13582151927
E-mail: peckmeng@126.com

As of March 4, 2008

Stretch denim fabric.
The company is the world's largest manufacturer of synthetic fibers.
Owns 700 U.S. patents for technological processes.

Trademark owner:
Invista Technologies S.a r.l.
Talstrasse 80, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel: (+41) 302-683-3041, Fax: 302-683-3491

Entity managing patent rights for the technology XFIT LYCRA®
Invista North America S.a r.l.
Registered office and US Headquarters:
3 Little Falls Centre, 2801 Centerville Road, 19808 Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Tel: (+1) 302-683-3041, Fax: 302-683-3491
Infoline: 1-877-446-8478
Corporate office and International Headquarters:
Invista Building, 4123 East 37th Street North, KS 67220 Wichita, USA
Tel: (+1) 316-828-1000, Fax: 316-828-1801
E-mail: invistainfo@invista.com
Product Information: 1-770-792-4221

European Headquarters:
Invista International S.a r.l.
Le Lumion
Route Francois-Peyrot 12, CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: (+41) 22-770-4040, Fax: 22-770-4000

The Invista companies are subsidiaries of Koch Industries Inc, a privately held USA corporation.
Company History

Spandex fiber means a manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is a long chain
synthetic polymer comprised of at least 85 percent of a segmented polyurethane.

As of April 30, 2008
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